Thursday, December 07, 2006

Froggy Came a Courting...

Today we all went out to Greendale to visit my friend Tash and her daughter Mayah. Unfortunately, Riley is always in school, so I haven't seen her in eons. But Davey and Mayah are only six weeks apart, and Tash is due with Seth any day now, so I'm sure Tinky and Seth will be good friends too.

Natasha is the angel who gave us all the wonderful clothes for Elisabeth. Can you believe she is in size 6-9 months in almost everything now! I know, crazy how time flies. That means that a lot of my favorite things are already too small, but it also means that I get to pick new favorites. This outfit is adorable!

Last time we visited Natasha, Davey and Mayah played alongside each other some of the time, but I wouldn't really say they ever really played together (except when Davey kept bringing her drinks. He's a gentleman that boy!) Doesn't this look like the classic picture? It looks like Mayah's trying to impress David by being all cute and coy, and he's not taking any notice. Really what's happening is Tash is standing over behind David and he keeps getting in the pictures!

But then he found a pair of sunglasses too and they spent some time gazing into each other's eyes....

And some more time posing...

Meanwhile Andrew and Elisabeth spent some time rocking out on this Tinky sized guitar.

And naptime happened in the car today.

So apparently little Elisabeth had a birthday yesterday. She turned Four Months old. And every two months you have to make a trip to the doctor to get checked out. Our visit was on Tuesday. Elisabeth weighed in at 15 lbs 1oz and 26 inches long. She'll pull to sitting if you hold her hands and tries to sit up when she's done nursing. She will sit if I have her on my lap, or on the floor in front of me, but she's not making any effort to sit on her own yet.

On the other hand, she's constantly rolling on to her side and you have to be so careful whenever you're changing her. Very mobile. Though she hasn't actually rolled from back to front or front to back, but that'll happen when she needs it.

In the last couple of weeks she's become very vocal. If there's music she likes to sing along (she's a lot like her brother that way, remember how he used to sing along to the blender and vacume cleaner) and she talks a LOT. She has a cute low little voice. Loves to swim in the bath, in fact she almost splashes Davey right out she gets so excited.

Oh, Andrew's back and both kids are in bed, so we're going to play some board games! yay :)