Friday, December 01, 2006

Spirit of Christmas

Kathi and Cody are at Cody's work Christmas party tonight, so Ashlie and Jade came to our house for a visit. Their visit just happened to coincide with the Spirit of Christmas event being put on by TWU and the City of Langley, so we decided to check it out.

Here's one of the first sights to greet us upon leaving the car. Ashlie promptly took of running, leaving Jade buried in a snow drift in the parking lot (seriously) while Davey kept repeating "Lights, Hooks, Lamps" all excitedly.

It was a little confusing trying to figure out where to go. I think mostly because the main parking was full and they waved us to the very far end of the campus. I know my way around very well after going to school there for five years and then working there for four, but I still wasn't sure where we were supposed to be at. Eventually we just went inside to look at the Christmas trees. Davey immediately started undecorating the nearest tree while a TWU staffer was telling us where all the events were at...

If you know the campus at all, the whole hallway from the entrance to the cafeteria down to the Atrium was lined with real trees which various departments/student groups on campus had 'sponsored' and then decorated.

The new president and his wife, judged the trees and deemed this one the winning tree:

Ashlie didn't believe me. We wandered around somemore, checking out some of the stations in the live nativity. There was a petting zoo too, but it was too dark to take pictures (I didn't want to scare the animals!)

Then we headed back to the cafe for hot chocolate, candy canes, mandarin oranges and gingerbread men. But there was no room in the inn, so we brushed the snow off some outside tables and sat outside.

(as a side note, Tink really seemed to enjoy the time out. She was super excited to be around so many people, the lights...and then sang herself to sleep on the way home).

Davey loved the snow covered table. Made for a great place to rest his cookie in between bites.

Then the kids posed for a quick picture (don't the look like they're having fun?)

And we wandered through the lawns back to the parking lot. You could really tell the students had three days of no classes, there were some very creative and beautiful snow sculptures...

This is what Andrew would do if we let him spend that much time playing.

Great evening had by all. The three older kids are now asleep in Davey's room and it sounds like Tink has fallen asleep in ours. So I'm off to catch some winks too. Night all!