Sunday, December 24, 2006

You can't go back to Constantinople...

Our second stop in Chilliwack was to feed Tink. We decided to drive past a tim hortons and then go to Sardis Park. On the way I wanted to drive past my old elementary school. This little three class room building is where I did Kindergarten (second time, dratted BC school system!) and grades 1-3.

THIS is the new building they've put in for Unsworth, which now houses K-G6. I think it's bigger than Sardis Senior was when I went there (which at that point housed grades 8 - 12).

I see they got rid of the awful little wooden playground I was pushed off of in Kindergarten. Our teacher spent a phys ed class teaching us to jump off the thing safely. I was terrified but she forced me to do it. Pretty much the next day I was pushed off. The psychopath teaching my Kindergarten class refused to believe me that I had hurt my shoulder and to punish me for whining made me pretend to be an elephant and swing my hurt arm like an elephant trunk. When the bus driver drove me home later, he got off the bus with me he was so worried about the strange colour I had turned. Turns out I'd broken my collar bone along with some other more minor injuries. Needless to say, I'm not a big fan of my k teacher. Grades 1-3 I had some of my favorite teachers though, so I do have happier memories of Unsworth.

And this used to be what mum, I can't remember. I'm not sure if it was the trailer park or farmland. Anyway, it's totally built up with houses now. Crazy. There's even a market on the corner of Keith Wilson and Unsworth Roads. How things change.

We saw this license plate holder:

While we were in the line up for much needed coffee. Made me laugh.

We did make it to Sardis Park. That's changed a lot too. Except for the parking lot. That's the same. But if it hadn't been for the parking lot, I probably would have thought I'd ended up at a different park by accident.

Then we stopped at Michelle and Chris' house and dragged them off to the Minter Gardens Christmas Train (yes, we're addicted to trains). It was SO much fun, but I forgot to bring my camera out of the car. Stanley Park is still our favorite, but this was probably the second best of the three we've tried this year. Plus the company made it so much more fun!