Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree, and more!

The camera is still not downloading to the computer. All is not lost however because technology savvy husband figured out that he could put the CompactFlash card from the camera into our bubble jet printer and download them to the computer that way. Yes, I'm so happy to be able to upload my pictures again!

Saturday was a grand day to get our Christmas tree. We got it in the morning and by afternoon it was all setup, defrosted, unbound with the branches down, and decorated. Here it makes a great background for a holiday scene starring Davey and his dad.

Later we endured the cold to watch the Langley Santa Claus Parade. Here Davey and Mom smile for the camera just before the parade begins. Don't they look eager with anticipation! Actually I don't think Davey has any idea what is going on. This is his first Santa Claus parade.

David is really into anything automotive right now. Sometimes he insists on having all his cars and trucks in bed with him while he sleeps. He finally started getting interested in the parade when he saw vehicles like this going by.

After watching a few good floats and a great many very bad floats pass it was finally time for Santa himself to make an appearance. Once again trusty Rudolph leads the way! Yeah, Rudolph the red nosed smart car!

A good time was had by all, although it took at least an hour for my butt to thaw out after sitting on the curb beside Davey for all that time.


andie said...

Nice to see you posting, mr. menary. I bet your friend Scott would like Rudolph the Red Nosed Smart Car :0)

andie said...

hunh. Now that I see you're impersonating me I might not be quite so impressed with your posting. Not that anyone will be fooled by your attempt to be me though, I wouldn't be half so flattering of you :oP

It did take a long time to thaw out after sitting on the sidewalk though...