Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dag Nab It! or SoC Part Three

Last night after the kids were in bed, I got on the computer all excited to blog about our third Christmas event of the weekend: the Langley Santa Claus Parade. Only for some reason our camera won't download pictures to our computer anymore. When we plug the cable in the camera turns on but nothing else happens. When I try to import the pictures manually, I just get an error message that the computer can't detect the camera.

So until we figure out what happened in the few hours between my first blog and getting home from the parade I guess I won't be posting any pictures.

In the meantime, last night was the Langley Santa Claus Parade (duh!) so at 430 we packed into the car and headed to downtown Langley. Here's one thing about Langley, does nobody know that you're supposed to shovel your sidewalk when it snows here?

Davey fell asleep in the car, stayed asleep while we put him in the stroller, and in fact until I woke him up an hour later when the parade was starting. Andrew helped me get settled in a good spot along the parade route, then he headed to McBurneys to grab a couple of hot chocolates. he wasn't the only one with that took almost 40 minutes to get the hot drinks!!

Parades have changed a lot since I was a kid. At least half the parade seemed to consist of cars with Christmas lights on them, and maybe a decal advertising a local business. Luckily kids like lights, so they were impressed. some weird things though... there were a LOT of cars that didn't get moved. Why didn't they have them towed? There was red tape up, but no signs telling people to move their cars. And then in the parade, there were four horses...just being ridden along the route. With no one to clean up after them. Of course one of the horses had to take care of business directly in front of us...and directly behind the horses was a troupe of little kids (Judy the Manners lady and what I assume were a bunch of well mannered children) who had to negotiate around the business. Gross!

Well, one day when our camera is fixed you'll be treated to the visual delights of our family at the parade. This is it for now....