Saturday, October 16, 2010

The big birthday post:

Today was David's birthday and his big birthday party. We had fifteen of his friends from school over for a super hero themed party. It's impossible to guess what the weather will be like this time of year, so we planned for the party to take place in our basement.

Our basement is shaped like a big L with the stairs falling right in the middle of the short part of the L. So we moved everything from the whole basement into the back corner and then Andrew built a temporary wall blocking off the view into the mess. And then, because he's crazy wonderful, he painted this awesome cityscape on the wall. And glued superhero figures (stickers) onto the mural. It was REALLY awesome!

We decided to have the party from 12 till 3. Andrew barbecued while everyone arrived. And as the kids arrived they were given a cape and then ran outside to play. (I got those capes on a crazy sale. I almost returned them because of the purple fur trimmed ones and the pirate ones. But it turned out all the girls wanted purple princess capes and some of the boys LOVED the Skeleton man ones. So it all worked out and I paid less than $3/cape...I don't think I could have made them for that!)

Okay, onto the pictures:
Here Sam and David are making their superhero gadgets. I talk about them in more detail here.

Oh, and each child got a felted mask and arm bands to decorate too.

I was worried that only a few of the kids would want to do crafts at a party, but actually, they were a huge hit! The only trouble was that there we hadn't labeled the masks so some of them were mixed up by the end of the party.

David's mask.

Elisabeth's gadget:

Beautiful Ashlie:

The kids had a super time (!) zapping each other and flying around our backyard.

Then this evening we went to Grandma's house for pizza and presents. Uncle Cody helped David with his new transformer.

And Jade and Elisabeth helped David with his presents!

Happy birthday buggy boy!