Friday, October 01, 2010

Today was a pro-d day for David. I asked him last night what he would like to do on his day off. I suggested a park or playground or maybe the beach. He thought for a while then said, "I would like to walk down to the road where the water runs. Then, after we've played there, I want to come home for a nap. Then we can take Braylon to a playground. After he goes home, I want to play lego. Then can we have pizza for dinner?"

So, we started the day by leaving for a walk to the forest. Just before the forest is a road where a pipe empties on to the road (then feeds into a culvert). We brought some cars and the kids played there.

They all thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Especially this one.

We raced leaves and sticks and even cars down the water to see which would get down fastest.

Then we sat by the culvert and looked around.

And surprisingly, after about an hour, everyone decided to head home for a nap.

Well, after they looked in the pipes to see what was in there. "hello, echo? Are you there?!"

We never did do any of the other things on David's list. After lunch Jade came over and the kids had a meeting of their rainbow club. And we'd decided that instead of pizza, we'd head to the river and have a fire. So off we went.

Apparently, cooking is serious business!

But then, so is eating.

Elisabeth trying to stay out of the smoke while she roasts some marshmallows.

And finally, when we were all tired from our long day, we scooped up some water to put out the fire and headed home.