Monday, October 25, 2010

Hatley House

Just around the corner from Fort Rodd Hill is Hatley Castle. We opted not to tour the inside of the castle since my brother has seen it before (and apparently it's not on his top 10 list). But we had lunch and wandered around the grounds. Again, really beautiful. And can I just note that we need more deciduous trees in this area.

I was hoping to get a good family picture while we were in Victoria. I think it would only be possible if I wasn't in it. However, here's one of all of us.

We had lunch in the Royal Roads cafeteria. Nice campus.
Hatley Castle:

Built in 1908.

For a small fee, you can wander the grounds. Which are more of a park. I bet they're spectacular in the late spring/summer.

This pond was gorgeous. I can so see getting family portraits or wedding pictures here, can't you?