Friday, October 01, 2010

I made some apple sauce last week (and again today). David really likes the berry sauces, so I mix about half and half blue berries with apples and cooke them down then blend. I needed to use up my first batch, so we all had apple sauce for lunch. Our little friend sure seemed to like it!

Elisabeth played harmonica music to accompany our lunch.

Mid week, the weather changed here. Instead of being gray and hot/humid, it's now more fall-like. Misty and cool in the mornings, then hot and sunny in the afternoon. I'm enjoying it much better. On Thursday I brought our camera along for the walk to school. There were lots of what Elisabeth calls "beauties" to look at. Here are a couple:

And a picture of the kids, ready to walk to school.

This is David's teacher for the year. Isn't she pretty? And smiley? I love her. I'm so glad David is in this class.