Friday, October 01, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday after church we decided to take advantage of the balmy weather again. It wasn't very sunny, but the weather was warm and still. Very still. I had been hoping for a nice brisk gale to blow off the water, but it was hot. I won't whine about it too much though, I've already done that here.

So I was talking about us going to the beach. The kids wanted to keep their Sunday clothes on, and I thought we would be walking so I agreed. Elisabeth added this new hat to her little ensemble. Super cute, doncha think?!

Gosh she's cute.
Well as it turned out, we ended up parking ourselves in our usual spot and watching the kids dig.

I have a hot husband. Lucky me!There had been a lot of wind on Saturday night. So even though it was calm and warm on Sunday afternoon, the beach really looked like it had been wracked by a storm. There was a huge swath of sea weed across the entire beach. I tried walking across it once, but not only did it stink (it really did!), it was super slippery. Gross.

Andrew thought so too, so he dug a lovely path to the beach for everyone to use. Under the sea weed were lots and lots of worms. David was intrigued...

Elisabeth finally decided that her toque was probably not appropriate attire for Indian Summer.

We'd only been there a little while when we met another family with children who really wanted to play with us.

After the spent several hours digging and splashing, the fantastic four decided it was time to rearrange the furniture. that's nice.

Oh, and here's something fun. Scott and Chadya recommended a few shows to us, one of which was Psych. We've just started watching it, partly because it was filmed at Crescent Beach. I think we used to see filming in progress when we'd go to the beach when Elisabeth was a baby. First time since then that we've seen them filming down there was about four episodes into the first season. Neat!