Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fort Rodd Hill

After breakfast we headed to Fort Rodd Hill to view the gun batteries.

Once again I was blown away by the beauty of the island. And I really wish we had more oak and maple trees here. They are so pretty.

Notice how big this bullet is compared to David:

That's a big gun!

What's Uncle Rob doing?

Ah yes, dumping David in the trash. The perfect place for him!!

This was the warrant officer's house. The little coal and laundry courtyard reminded me of our little courtyard at Kemerton House where the washing machines were.

Here's where the soldiers ate and some of them slept.

What a menu!
This kitchen does not look big enough to have fed a whole group of soldiers, and did you see what they made? They sure ate well!

Down by the water, we found this little fishing hut.

Or was it?

Actually, it was a hiding spot for a search light. That whole hut is house to a HUGE spot light.
My little mountain goats loved the rocks here!

There were so many little hideaways hidden in the hill side. This was where one of the huge guns was housed. We stopped for a quick movie.

New recruits?

Very interesting paint job.