Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Last Day in Victoria

I just have to do a little plug for travelzoo. We booked our hotel through this website and got the most amazing deal. We had two queen beds in the Queen Victoria (which is next to the Royal BC Museum) and two free tickets to the IMAX and two free tickets to the museum and free parking until 2 pm on Sunday. Incredible!

On Sunday it was pretty rainy so we were happy that we'd planned on watching Dinosaurs Alive at the IMAX and then exploring the museum.

The feature exhibit is one in which they turn the museum inside out and allow you to discover more about the things you normally see on exhibit. Which really just meant there were lots and lots of dead things to look at and sometimes you could put them under a microscope.

Oh, and there was a kids exhibit with costumes!

And a huge Mammoth. Yes, he was life size and not a painting.

We got up to the third floor where there were floor to ceiling windows overlooking the harbour. Wow.

And then our trip was done. It went by way too fast and we only got to see enough to make us want to go back very soon. But it was so much fun. Victoria is beautiful. I can't wait to go back!