Saturday, October 16, 2010

Superhero Gadgets

David decided he wanted to have a superhero party for his birthday this year. But if you've walked in a store this year, you might have noticed that alllll the kids merchandise this year is all about the Toy Story 3 stuff. So it was practically impossible to find anything other than stickers with a superhero motif. Which kinda suited me since I'm not super crazy about branded parties.

Thanks to the Internet, I had a few ideas for some things to make our party superhero-ish. First off was the Super Hero gadget which I found here.

First, we bought styrofoam balls and shoved them on the end of straws. If I did this again, I would secure them with some hot glue or something.

Then I spray painted the balls and straws silver. Use a light hand with the paint or your styrofoam will disintegrate.

Next, go buy a CRAZY amount of jello. Store the box contents and glue the box back together. Use Elastic bands or some other means to hold the lid on until the box is glued. Then spray paint the boxes silver.

Cut some shapes out of foam and create buttons for your gadget. Make sure each gadget has a special super function. (The kids did this without being told. A lot of them either turned adults to rock or shrunk us!)

This was a huge hit with the kids. They kept running inside and asking when they could do the craft and didn't even want to stop for lunch. SO easy (though, cutting out enough shapes for 15 kids was a bit tedious, but very worth it in the end!)
We also made arm bands out of bristol board (which the kids could colour/draw on/put stickers on) and masks. I cut the masks out of stiff felt and let them stick felt shapes on them and draw with glitter glue. The glitter glue took at least an hour to dry (depending how liberally it had been applied!) but the kids loved it and it really made the masks look awesome. So fun!