Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today Ben and Lizzie and I went to Ralph's Farm Market. I'd heard that they'd set up a little photo station for fall so we wanted to check it out.

There were lots and lots of pumpkins!

And a little photo op scene.

Lots and lots of hay. Elisabeth wanted to know if this was the drinking kind of hay.

Well, we pretty much took all the pictures we could, so then we headed to James Hill (?) Park in Murrayville to see if there were any playgrounds.

And whatya know? We found one!

I loved the benches underneath the big 'ol trees. Perfect spot to read a book while the kids played. I always thought that if we ever move from this house that we would move back to Walnut Grove. But you know, I kinda like Murrayville. I might have to explore it a little more. Plus, it's kinda smack dab in the middle of the beach, Langley City and Chilliwack. Very central. Anyway, that's neither here nor there....

We left that park and headed towards the school (I had to check my home phone to find out if I was dropping kids off or picking up kids at the school. We were just dropping off.) We stopped at one of the parks near our house for a few more minutes of playing.

Then, after school we grabbed Jade and headed to the park behind our house to play a little soccer.

And play on the playground for a while.

Then David drew Jade a picture:

And then we played some more soccer.