Friday, October 29, 2010

Skating Lessons

Monday was the kids' last skating lesson. And of course, given the time of month, they had to go in costume. Lizzie wore her butterfly costume.

And David wore his shark suit. Both kids were mad that their hats (which are attached to the costume) didn't fit over their helmets.

It was a fun day. But neither of them passed their level. This is pretty common, but we're not very happy with the way the instruction has been going. Their teacher didn't seem to have a lot of joy in teaching. And though he would show the class how to do each exercise, he never corrected them if they weren't doing things quite right.

So for the time being, we're (and I use the term we loosely; I never learned how to skate so I just sit in the rink and give thumbs up every time my family skates by) going to take the kids skating at the weekend public skates.

But hey, they've improved in leaps and bounds and they both are confident on the ice. They can propel themselves and they can keep their balance. They're doing better than me!!