Thursday, September 15, 2016

And then I got my camera back

It was a long two months without my camera, but dad came down to visit just before Tommy arrived and so I was finally reunited with my beloved toy. Some pictures in this post are still with my phone. I think you can tell which are which.

After a week of hanging out mostly by themselves while we worked, we thought the kids deserved a day of fun. So we decided to head to one of our favorite places, Capilano Suspension Bridge.

I'm always so excited to leave the house...

The first part of the attraction is full of history about the area. It's often very crowded, but if you can get in on one of the tours, they're very good. Or just read the books in the area, they're good too.

The kids always want to do the Cliff Walk first. Not sure what I think of the new signs, even though people who don't respect others annoy the snot out of me. Still, my favorite times at CSB are during the week and in the rain when I have the place to myself.

Despite the fact that it was a Saturday and fairly busy, we enjoyed the walk, and at times had the bridges to ourselves.

And because it was summer, all of the educational tools were on and working, so my nerdlings enjoyed

Then we stopped for lunch.

Some of us ate with more gusto than others :)

They also had Capilano Kids, something I've only ever seen at Christmas time, and the kids were able to dress up and pose for me.

Time for the main attraction!

I love standing in the middle of the bridge and just appreciating the view. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I feel no fear on the bridge and I have to show off a little. But this state of no fear was hard won. Plus, it's just really beautiful from there.

Back to all the educational stuff. Everyone enjoyed that.

The highlight for Elisabeth is always filling out the little scavenger hunt along the treetops course. Tommy was eager to try too.

And then we began.

One of the exercises was for them to count the squirrels they saw. We hadn't seen any to this point, and then eagle eye Tommy spotted one in a tree.

Some of us may have played a little pokemon.

Measuring your wingspan here is tradition!

I got to see an owl up close!

By my height, how old am I in tree years?

Also tradition, a picture with the bear.

Then we stopped in Edgemont Village. We were sitting on a bench when a man walked up to us, said "here, I think you can handle this", dumped some dog treats in Elisabeth's hands and walked off leaving us with his dog!

It was really cute. Which made Elisabeth really sad. She'd just been complaining that Andrew won't let her have a dog.

Very weird sculpture: