Monday, September 05, 2016

Big Trip East: Day 7

Tuesday was The Big Day in terms of this vacation. Leona had invited all her old wedding party over for lunch, and so she'd spent most of Monday preparing (and baking home made cakes, hence the small victory with the store bought on Tuesday night) for her party.

We began the day by prepping the fancy dining room, prepping salads and toppings and other accoutrements and generally getting ready for everyone to arrive.

First to the house was Cousin Brenda. Though she's one of our favorites, I hadn't seen her in donkey's years. Probably the year Elisabeth was born.

 This was her snazzy new car. On the way back in from taking these pictures, I noticed a car full of people and discovered they were party guests. I invited them in.

This hat was worn by a wedding guest all those years ago.

Cousin Doug also turned up for a visit, much to our amazement and delight!

Here are the partygoers, assembling for lunch.

And here we are, also assembling for lunch.

 It was a busy day and the kids were fabulous. We hardly new we had children they were so quiet (there's a great play room upstairs with pool table, games, darts, and TV).

In between refilling glasses and food, I snapped a few pictures.

 Leona made a beautiful sponge cake with lemon pie filling and real whipped cream. Then she sent me out to pick fresh flowers to decorate it. I was quite impressed with our collaboration, though I got teased for taking pictures!

After the eating, it was time for pictures. This was to test the light in this room.

Bill and Leona with most of their grandkids. This time it's Lauren and Kyleigh missing.

 Once again, it was really hot for pictures...

 And here we are, for a quick picture.

There was a very large shower in the master bedroom upstairs. We thought it would be funny to get a picture of everyone standing in it.

 And after everyone had left except Cousin Brenda, we sat on the verandah and had a chat.

It had been an exhausting day, so Andrew told me I needed to come for a walk with him and bring my phone to take pictures.

 I'm so glad he did.

Ontario's countryside is really beautiful.

Even the tumbledown parts.

 And we ended the day with present opening. It was a beautiful celebration.