Monday, September 05, 2016

The Big Trip East: Days 9 and Ten

Thursday was our last full day at Easton Corners. After the week we'd had, everyone was ready for a lazy day. Well that, and a lot of packing.

The kids slept in.

And then after breakfast we had devotions together one last time.

Everyone was a little tired.

 Some of us more than others.

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and packing our suitcases. The kids spent the entire day in the pool. Shortly before dinner, fed up with packing, I decided to join them.

And then we congregated on the back deck where I tried to teach the girls how to blow bubbles.

I was not successful.

And then my little drama queen decided to give me some great photos.

I sacrificed my favorite colouring book for us to spend some time bonding. Some of the kids turned their pictures into puppets and performed a little show for us. And Lauren requested a photo with her masterpiece.

 And then our last day. While the adults finished packing, the girls hunted for frogs.

One last group shot.

 We seem to have collected some stowaways!

We didn't get to keep them :(

And then I think Andrew knew I needed a break. So he took me home through Perth. 

 At first I thought we'd be fine just driving through town.

 But then I caught a glimpse of this water and thought I needed a picture.

 One picture turned into two, which turned into a stroll.

 Before we knew it, we were stopping for lunch.

 And a post lunch stroll.

 Can you blame us? Perth is so very full of personality.

 We found this park. It was just lovely.

 This picture has several of my favorite things in it. I'll let you guess what they are.

 We continued on. Stopping only when we saw this little campsite and lake.

I could imagine us doing a camping trip in Ontario. Couldn't you?

 Time to jump in the car again. This was the longest trip ever.

 Thank goodness it's so pretty in Ontario.