Saturday, September 10, 2016

Elisabeth's tenth birthday

For her tenth birthday, Elisabeth asked to spend the day at Harrison Lake. We invited her best friend, Haylea and headed east. Andrew and David immediately began work on a sand castle.

As did Haylea and Elisabeth.

Harrison can be a bit tricky as a beach. It's often windy. And sometimes the weather can be drastically different from what you would think it could be. But this day was absolutely perfect.

The washrooms were still being renovated, so we went and bought drinks at the hotel so that we could use their facilities.

And then, because Haylea and Annette had never been to the hotsprings, we took them there.

If you've ever been to Harrison, you know that there's not a lot to see. But there is the little pond beside the springs.
David enjoyed the peacefulness of the spot.

While the girls enjoyed this little hot tub.

Then David found a log for the girls to use as a canoe. He decided he was the ferry man.

And the girls paddled around the pond.

Eventually we dragged them from their fun and headed back.

Soaking wet and freezing cold, she decided to give her dad a hug.

Dinner for the birthday girl...we needed to cheap out, so we went to Burger King.