Monday, September 05, 2016

Head for the hills

After a long trip with lots of other people, we wanted to spend some time as just the four of us. So for the final day of our long weekend home, we headed to Grouse Mountain to have some alone time with the thousands of other people on the hill.

Elisabeth has grown this summer and she was pumped to be able to reach the handles on the gondola.

Even if she couldn't quite do it without standing up on tippy tippy toes.

Feeling a bit gleeful, she assaults her poor father.

Stealing his hat.

We got up to the top and decided to go visit the bears.

Lizzie bounced her way up the mountain.

Stopping very briefly to pose for pictures in the tree stump.

We found the bears.

Our mountains are so freaking beautiful.

Because it strikes me, the difference between hiking in Switzerland, and hiking (or strolling) here, is the forests. There just aren't forests there the way there are here.

And there's something so majestic and feelingful about trees.

At least, I think so.

After our stroll, it was time for the lumberjack show.

If you've never seen it, you need to. It's corny, and silly, and there's a few bits that you might want to cover grandma's ears for. But it's a lot of fun.

Plus, what Canadians don't love a good log roll?!

Even though the show hasn't changed in all the years we've been going up the mountain, it still stresses this girl out.

Especially this part.

I won't give away the ending ;)

We met an owl on our way to lunch.

The tables were all full, so we went to have lunch on the lawn.

Which was just as full of spectacular views as the tables would have been.

Then we remembered we'd talked about walking around the little lake, near the winter sledding hill.

The kids had really wanted to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge, so their smiles may have been a bit strained at first.

But how can you be grumpy when you have trails like this.

On the way back, we happened upon a paper airplane contest. Can you see Andrew?

But when we finished, the line up for the gondola had suddenly sprouted...unlike I've ever seen before!

We were patiently waiting our turn, when mountain staff gave us these tickets to ride the super secret gondola down.

Nice views!

<When selfies go bad>

And then, because we can never just end a day, we stopped at Ikea. Here's my huge boychild trying out office life.

And here he is pretending to be a manager. Looks about right.

Trying out beds because we need one more for our students.

It was a very successful day <3