Saturday, September 10, 2016

Summer birthdays

Kandace had a birthday in August, so we went to visit the bears.

Kandace feels much differently about the bears than I do.

I found a little mouse in this tree stump.

Oh! And another one!

I enjoyed the owl show. Owls are my favorite.

This guy was hilarious, btw.

We watched the lumberjack show, and as we did, the clouds rolled in. Of course, because we'd bought tickets to go to the Eye of the Wind.

The lumberjack show never fails to disappoint.

And then after that, we had a picnic lunch. It was FREEZING. Erm. The temperature, not the lunch so much.

And then, through some insanity, we decided to take the chairlift up the mountain. What the heck were we thinking?!

That's actually pure terror in my eyes. Don't mistake it for joy.

Yes, that's what we paid for.

Thankfully, David doesn't much enjoy chairlifts and wanted to walk down the mountain.

Ad so, we did.

We've always been rebels.

We beat everyone else down the mountain so we had fun while we waited for them.

Then it was time for the main attraction.

One of the only places I know of to get BEAVER TAILS.

And then, just as we thought we'd never see the sun again, the clouds parted.