Thursday, September 15, 2016

End of August Randoms

Tommy offered to cook dinner for us.

These were sauteed eggplant, potato and tomato with bbq'd chicken.

We looked after Ellie again while her family was camping.

There are SO many squirrels in their backyard. Do you think she heard one?

On the way home from Capilano, I bought David this encylopedia. Normally wouldn't consider it, but c'est en Francais and so I am forcing him to read en Francais! Tres bien!!

Larry arrived and fit in even better than we'd hoped!

The boys went off to their first week of orientation.

And my kids went off to camp to learn how to write, film and direct videos/movies. I was so jealous.

As you can see, our new blended family is pretty awesome.

I used my airmiles to order a  Bosch mixer and my boys were more excited than me when it arrived.

I think it's cause I told them I could make pizza with it :)