Sunday, September 18, 2016

School started, and Ada and Ruben came for a visit.

David's first day of middle school.

Larry and Tommy's first day of high school.

And Elisabeth's first day of grade 5.

This happened.

And Ruben came over to play with trains.

(He really liked the trains...)

Adelaide started a music career.

Then my dad came for a visit.

And I scared him with ugly faces.

Dave and Alexis went to Ikea so Ruben and Ada hung out with us for the day.

We went to the park. Hmn. I must have camera pictures of this somewhere. But anyway, then we went to another park.

Whew. I was starting to think I forgot to bring my kids.  But there's one!

And the other!

Larry won't let Tommy eat bananas.

And then we celebrated the mid autumn festival.