Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Big Trip East: Days 1 & 2

This summer we headed east to celebrate Andrew's dad's 80th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his parents wedding day.

Tradition has it that I take pictures of my kids in the superman tshirts for every flight. But I forgot and Elisabeth doesn't have one. So here are the pictures. David tried to make himself look like his tshirt for the trip.

Plane pictures.
More plane pictures.

We arrived in Ontario. Andrew's mum had let me know that her niece always uses Costco to book her rental car, and that she'd been upgraded to a Cadillac the last time she'd travelled. Their prices were a lot lower than priceline, so I gave it a whirl.

Wouldn't you know, we got upgraded too.

Having wanted a jeep since like, before I could drive, I was seriously giddy. As you can see, Andrew as not as impressed. Seriously? You want the upgrade?

Day two, I'm still giddy.

Andrew took the top off the jeep, and may have warmed up to it a bit :)

Andrew's cousin BJ, who I've been Facebook friends with FOREVER and already knew I loved (not surprising, I love her parents and sister too...) was in Ontario too. So we arranged to hook up near Collingwood to go caving.

The ride there was so picturesque.

We arrived, parked, ate lunch and proceeded to the trail...

If you'd like to know more, it's definitely worth a visit:

The first cave is the refrigerator cave. It was seriously SO HOT when we were there. Even leaning against the outside of the cave felt good.

From the top of the hill (where most of the caves are) you can see for miles. Unfortunately it was really hazy, so not great for picture taking. Especially since I left my camera in Penticton for the summer :(

Loved the standing rocks here.

We ventured down into the ground for the next few caves. It was a little claustrophobic at first, but so much cooler than up on the hill.

Almost immediately it opened up into a big cavern.

and then another tight spot.

And then we got to the Fat Man's Misery. THANK GOODNESS there was a way overtop!

Cause that was a little tight for most of us.

BJ and David loved it, though she said she had to be able to use her arms to grab and leverage herself out.

Waiting outside the Fat Man's Misery.

And then you could scramble through, around and over 

And up some alleys.

Then it was time to head back up again. OH was it hot!

Then you loop through the forest.

Where you might encounter a few bears...

Before we headed back to the top of the caves so BJ could zipline.

Her first time!

Learning how to use the breaks.

waiting to see BJ off!

There she goes!

On our way back to meet BJ, the kids ran through the refrigerator again.

Then we met up and headed down to the suspension bridge.

Again, you could see for miles...

We ate ice cream while we waited for the wagon to drive us back up to the parking lot.

And then Elisabeth got stung by a bee, but Shrek consoled her.

Of course you can only leave through the gift store...