Monday, September 05, 2016

Back to life...

Back to reality.

For Ashlie's birthday, I promised to take her to Metrotown. We ended up going to Guildford in early summer, so I promised to take her and Rachel to Metrotown after I came back from Ontario. We went the very next day.

 Gosh, Ashlie looks a lot taller than me. AT THIS POINT IN TIME, I was still taller (I'm not anymore).

 Rachel and Hiyori came too, and I had so much fun.

 We found this wall on our way to lunch.

 After a delicious Japanese lunch, we continued on to Aritzia. I'd never been in there before, they have nice things!

 Ashlie was looking for a hat. We found a beautiful one, but it was a bit pricey.

The search continued.

Then to the Bay to try on sunglasses!

 We visited the pet store, but it just made us sad.

So we ended the day with Starbucks.

 And an impromptu photoshoot by the fountain!