Friday, September 16, 2016

Evening at the mall

I had a hankering to go shoe shopping at Guildford Mall, and funnily enough, all the kids wanted to come. So, of course when you go to that mall with these kids, the first stop is the Lego store. I mean, c'mon on...

No sooner had we entered the store than a salesman invited us to create lego figures of each other. In fact, he lined us up, told us who was creating who, and then set us to work.

I think this is Elisabeth.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun with this.

Here are our finished products!

Then we went to the Disney Store where Ashlie got a complete makeover.

And found her soulmate.

Jade realized her alter ego.

Ashlie changed her mind.

And then changed it again.

And Elisabeth had a tea party.

We stopped at the shoe store, and then went hat shopping at H&M.

All of us did.

Poor Elisabeth, she just wanted to show me this scarf, but everyone wanted to monkey around. She wasn't impressed.