Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Big Trip East: Day 3

Friday morning, the third day, was a gorgeous day. Andrew's parents had rented a house in Easton's Corners and all of us would congregate there. Since we were staying with Andrew's parents, we loaded up their car, our car and followed them out on the road. 

We tried to stick to side roads as much as possible. In Ontario there are many, many side roads and they are pretty.

We finally had to use a highway for part of the trip. And in Ontario the highways don't run through the middle of cities as much as they do here in BC. So they have these handy highway side places that sell gas, food, and are basically like giant food courts in the middle of nowhere. We pulled off at one for lunch.

Somewhere along the way we'd switched up drivers and Andrew was driving with his mom while Bill drove with me. A little further along the line we switched again. Now Andrew's mom was driving. She's a bit of a speed demon!

How could you ever take highways, when this is your alternative?

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrived at Middelshire.

The owners live in the basement and rent out the main and top floors, mostly to large parties like ours. Sometimes they run it like a bed and breakfast.

I think they were glad to arrive!

Upstairs, and just a part of the hallway of bedrooms!

The view from mine and Andrew's suite - Lover's Roost or something like that :)

The best part about this place was the pool. I would have liked to spend a lot more time in here.

And this was our back patio. I ate as many dinners out here as possible!

And thus ended the third day.