Saturday, September 10, 2016

Here's a bunch of photos of August...

Elisabeth wanted a cake like the one grandma had for her anniversary party. So we made one and it was delicious!

Then, David helped me assemble furniture for our new students.

Nice work, kiddo!

Andrew was absolutely not going to help, so stop asking!

Just kidding.

The kids went to camp.

Aside from when they played hide and seek and David got locked in a box for half an hour, they had a great time.

We continued to soak up every available second with Ada and Ruben.

Bittersweet, we're really going to  miss them!

We went to a waterpark or two.

My oldest child had a growth spurt and suddenly looks like a teenager.

We tried out some new pools. Including this outside one.

We dog sat.

And tried out the new indoor pool.

We went to Rocky Point park and picnicked.

More waterparking.

And we even saw a football game.

And got some relaxx bags.

Had dinner with family.

And we did another outdoor movie night.