Monday, September 05, 2016

The Big Trip East: Day 6

When we talked about what everyone wanted to do the week we were at Middelshire, Bill only ever mentioned one thing - visiting the museum of Aviation.

Now, Bill is like Andrew only X 1000. Which is to say, they rarely ever feel strongly about directing plans. Andrew is always happy to do whatever I say. Well, unless we've been doing too much and then he might feel strongly about needing a day at home.

Anyway, if Bill wanted to go to the Museum of Aviation, then that's what we were going to do.

The weather on the way to Ottawa was stellar.

 ha ha. No pun intended. As it happens, there was a Star Trek exhibit at the museum.

 So we all took our pictures with Captain Kirk.

 I may have been a teensy bit excited.

(I think we all know who the real nerd in the family is...)

 But I made the guys take a picture with Kirk anyway :)

 As it turns out, adding the Star Trek exhibit to the price of admission more than doubled it. So we decided we didn't need to (I'd gotten my photo op anyway).

What's he looking at?

Hmn. So this silo is a monument to the RCAF.

 And this was the inside.

There was a flight simulator where the kids could fly planes through battle scenes by mimicking the planes.

First you got to practice the different poses.

 And then you were thrown right into battle.

 Elisabeth had a go too. It was harder than you'd think.

Mummy takes every opportunity to snap pictures of her children. Luckily, they still pose for me.

<3 them. 

 The museum was full of banners and posters like these. I wish they'd sold them in the bookstore. I would have bought them out.

There were lots of little planes, half planes and rockets where the kids could jump in  and pretend to fly.

This one was quite similar to one I got to steer when I was in university. I like to say I flew it, but I only steered the plane (and put it into a dive!)

They're border line too old for dress up, but the museum had adult sizes too. I hope they'll always humour me.

 They had an example of what seats and cabin were like in one of the first cabins on a commercial flight. Super cushy. Look at those arm rests!

 And this. I wanted a print of this so bad.

 Okay, so they're not always completely cooperative. But this did make me laugh.

 Practicing for summer jobs in a call centre.

 And we lucked out and happened upon this interactive area one of the only times it was open to play.

 More flying. Maybe one of my kids will be a pilot one day.

 And then we found the Space Flight section!!

And I found CHRIS. 
 And tried out a little space flight of my own.

 And took another selfie with my buddy Chris.

 Then we climbed into the space shuttle.

 And found the rest of the family, who'd come later than us.

If we were going to do any part of the museum together, it was cool it was this part. Very interactive. Anyway, the kids are trying to undo a lock under the same situation astronauts would. Pretty much you put your hands in these gloves and they pump air in until you have giant clown hands. If you're prone to swelling during the summer, you've already experienced this sensation.

 Not that I'm admitting to anything mind you.

 I like taking selfies. Especially in reflective surfaces.

There was a theatre where the screen mimicked the window of a space shuttle. And then we flew around space. I got to see Norther Lights and earth from far away.

Trying to make it look like he's floating.

 We went up on the balcony and took a picture of the hangar where the museum exhibits are.

 And then we slowly headed towards their stage for a demonstration. There was a lot to see along the way.

 Cutest little fighter pilots ever <3

 I don't remember what exactly we were learning about here. I just remember that we made dry ice bubbles.

And Lizzie got to hold one.

 Then we tried another kind of flight simulator.

 Lizzie and I went back to the RCAF monument because the conditions were so perfect for picture taking.

This is the ceiling. Pretty neat, hey?

And then, at my request, we drove through Ottawa on the way home.

The art gallery spider.

It felt tragic to be passing through Ottawa (one of my favorite places on earth) without stopping. But I was glad to at least say hello.

And then, because we only had Paul and Aydan for a limited time (they were going home on Tuesday), we had another fire and celebrated Bill's birthday.

 I love the light at this time of day.

 The cake! Those of you who know Leona, know what a victory it was to have a bought cake and not a home made one.

The birthday boy!


 And even though it wasn't made by Grandma, the cake still got two thumbs up.

 Kay, no more words, but a few more pictures...