Monday, September 12, 2016

And then our family grew

Towards the end of August, our family grew. We decided to host students through the International Student Program in our school district. Our first student, Tommy arrived on August 22nd. I had assumed that he would want to sort out his stuff and then nap but he was raring to go.

We took him to the ocean. Along the way, Tommy exclaimed over all the trees in along our roads and the lack of people. It was great to see our little town (that I'm always complaining is too full of people) through someone else's eyes.

First order of business was to drag him to the White Rock.

The kids decided they needed a better route up the rock.

We found a little home on the beach.

These birds were having a hey day in the sea weed.

And I've never seen this many fish at the end of the dock!

And for the first time ever, we had gelato from that famous place along the road.